tibetan singing bowl black

beautiful singing bowl, drawings inside and outside, with grat sound. incl. wooden mallet

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tibetan singing bowl

This cleansing bowl, which is also known as the “singing bowl”, is utilized to sustain good Feng Shui energy in the home and office. By cleansing the space, this practice brings in immediate good fortune to those who take part. The bowl is created by combining 7 different types of metal in accurate proportions – it is for this reason that the sound is said to pierce, cleanse, move and nourish negative chi. You will also be able to ward off malevolent spirits and negative forces, due to the beautiful sound aroused by the metals.

Using the Tibetan cleansing bowl is simple; simply hit the cleansing bowl with the proper mallet, and then move the end of the mallet around in a circling manner over the edges of the bowl constantly, to create a hum which will echo in the surrounding space (this practice can be carried on for as long as you desire). To cleanse a Feng Shui product, simply place it in the bowl and play it as described.

The singing bowl creates the most harmonic melodies and entertaining echoes, which both heal and cleanse the energy in the area filled with the sound of it. It is for this reason that the cleansing bowl is a perfect gift for a housewarming or shop opening; it is essential in every home and office!
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