golden laughing Buddha on money frog 7x7,5x9cm

A beautiful golden Laughing Buddha seated on a moneyfrog holding a giantRuYi. He brings prosperity luck and happiness wherever he's displayed.

The most joyous symbol of wealth and well being is the Laughing Buddha. He shares his great happiness with his follower and is known to Buddhists by many names such as Maitreya and Budai. Laughing Buddha offers a vision of bliss with his always smiling face, jolly position and thoroughly well-filled tummy.
The Laughing Buddha is known to revitalize any negative or stale chi and clear bad energy while bringing great fortune to share with those around him. He is a great reliever or tensions and summoner of abundant wealth as the embodiment of contentment. As an enlightened being he is known as “one who is awake” and present to the greatness of life, being the wealthiest when he has the least and being the happiest even in times of great suffering.

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