tibetan handbell with dorje set 8x15/4x10cm

The hand-crafted bell and dorje set is symbolic in Tibetan Buddhism - the bell is a symbol for the female principle of wisdom (prajna), while the dorje symbolizes the male principle of action (upaya). The best tool for spiritual cleaning of your home.

Bell and Dorje are used together during ritual and meditation, often at the start of a chanting session to clear the mind and create focus. Always hold the bell in the left hand and the dorje in the right. Ring the bell with your left hand or you can also strike it with the dorje. The sweet sound of the bell resonates through the air, clearing the space and creating harmony.
The dorje is a Tibetan word and also called Vajra in sanskrit, which means diamond or thunderbolt. This is because it symbolizes a tool, as hard as the diamond or as powerful as the thunderbolt, that can cut through ignorance, delusion, greed, anger and impurities of the mind. It is also believed to represent firmness of spirit and spiritual power
Bells have been an indispensable tool of religious and magical rites throughout the history of man. This Tibetan hand bell generates a pure, soothing and strong echoing metallic sound that instantly heals and cleanses the negative energy in your space. It is made from Tibetan silver and generate sound that is said to pierce, cleanse, move and nourish negative chi. Place it in the sector afflicted by the Five Yellow Flying Star and ring it at least once a week to weaken this misfortune bringing earth star. Cleansing your office or business area every morning by ringing the bell will help to bring in more customers and business opportunities. It will also serve to bring purified, refreshed good luck energy, and will encourage a greater atmosphere of serenity and peace in your home or work space as well as warding off malevolent spirits.
Walking three times in an anti-clockwise direction in each of your rooms while ringing the bell is an effective energy cleansing ritual to exercise periodically.

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