Bracelet Citrine with Dzi " 9 eyes" for wealth

Bracelet Citrine ( Pearls d=6mm) with Dzi " 9 eyes" ( 10x35 mm)

Article number: 417
Quantity: 1
The Nine-Eye Dzi ("king of all Dzi") as a symbol of perfection and abundance promised increase in personal luck and improves the personal status, career enhancement, achieves financial gains and eternal health.
Since centuries, Dzi beads have are lucky charms in the Tibetan folklore and are considered "heavenly stone".

For centuries, the Citrine is known as the "Stone of Wealth", which provides  prosperity of the owner with his power of wealth. He is rumored that he scattered negative energies of all kinds, and contributes to the improvement of creativity, honesty, sensuality and sexuality.
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