anti robbery amulet

Amulet with rhino and elephant to protect against fraud, robbery and robbery. Protect elephant, rhinoceros especially when your house is facing the evil # 7 star

Article number: 302
Quantity: 2

Rhinoceros and elephants are two of the best protecting animals in Feng Shui.
The elephant - a sacred symbol of energy, wisdom and strength, and the rhinoceros - a strong symbol of protection against predation, accidents.
It is especially recommended for anyone who needs to be at regular dangers - going out late at night, walking alone in a parking lot - as someone may notice your pattern and may be lying in wait hoping to cause damage.
The back carries strong mantras for further protection.
Carry this rhino elephant anti-burglary keychain with you or hang it on the rear view mirror of your vehicle to protect it from robbery, theft and accidents
The length of this amulet is approx. 11 cm.

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