Anti evil eye bracelet

Beautiful bracelet featuring six bejeweled Blue Evil Eye charms.The bracelet effectively wardes off evil eyes from jealousy and envy and lays a protective aura around the wearer

The evil eye of jealousy can be a very damaging energy, and this "Anti Evil Eye" amulet can be just the Feng Shui remedy to offer protection from this negativity. Jealousy or strong competition can cause people to say or do harmful things and wearing this Feng Shui bracelet provides a barrier against it. Anyone can wear this anti-jealousy bracelet but it is particularly beneficial for anyone who faces affliction from the #7 Betrayal/Loss Star or the #3 Quarrelsome Star. It helps you deal with difficult people and repels their bad intentions, overcome the competition in whatever area of life it encounters, and protect you from gossiping and back stabbing as well as jealousy vibes from fair-weathered friends.
The Blue Evil Eye or Lucky Eye, Nazar eye or Greek Evil Eye is a famous Mediterranean symbol for protection against the “Evil Eye”or not-so-well-meaning people with the eyes of jealousy and envy who harbor ill-intention towards your family, achievement and good fortune, despite their praises and compliments. The Evil Eye amulet is also said to offer happiness to the friends and the beloved ones.

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